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Breakup Poetry: Fragments of Us


In the twilight of our love’s embrace,
A shattered heart begins to trace,
The whispers of our fading dreams,
Where love once bloomed in golden beams.

Through tear-stained eyes, I see your face,
Etched in memories I can’t erase,
Our laughter echoed in the night,
Now drowned in sorrow’s ceaseless fight.

With every breath, a part of me,
Gives way to pain, I can’t break free,
Our souls entwined, now torn apart,
Lost in the depths of love’s cruel art.

I trace the lines of love’s demise,
Aching for what we once comprised,
The poetry of our hearts entwined,
Now torn apart, the words confined.

The echoes of our love now fade,
In the hollow chambers, we once made,
A love so pure, now torn apart,
Leaving me with a shattered heart.

Yet still, I cherish every piece,
Of the love that brought us sweet release,
Though tears may fall and hearts may break,
I’ll carry the love we used to make.

For in this ache, I find my way,
To heal the wounds and face the day,
A love that’s lost, but never lost,
Within my soul, it bears the cost.

So here I stand, with my heart laid bare,
Embracing pain, I cannot bear,
But through this grief, I’ll rise above,
And find a new light to mend my love.

For love’s a journey, bittersweet,
And though we part, we’ll find retreat,
In memories, our souls remain,
Forever bound, though love’s refrain.

So farewell, love, in tears we part,
But now you’ll always have my heart,
As fragments of us linger on,
In verses of this breakup song.

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